For many, liquidating a senior’s home is a new process. At SeniorCare Property Solutions, we have been through this process hundreds of times. We’ve developed a safe, effective strategy for releasing cash for the immediate use of the family, advertising and selling the property at the best possible price, and finalizing all the paperwork with you, so your family can move on to the next phase of life.

We partner with the senior and family to evaluate their home and/or property as a sale candidate as defined by selected criteria. If the property meets these criteria, we finalize contracts and in many cases can advance up to the first 90 days of the senior’s assisted living cost within one week! This way, the senior can gain immediate admittance to the senior living community of their choice while we handle everything with the sale of the property!

After a contract is signed to sell the home or property, funds can be directed immediately to a senior living community so the resident can be admitted as soon as possible.

After the sale is completed and all costs are paid, the proceeds can be transferred to the senior (or family) for their use to maintain residency at the senior living community.

SeniorCare Property Solutions facilitates the entire process and answers questions about senior living and the method of the sale, making the sales process seamless, convenient, and beneficial to both the senior/family and the senior living community.

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