The Process of Turning Your Property Into Cash


We start the process by partnering with your family to find out what assets are available and what your goals are. If the property is a solid candidate for sale, we will move forward and begin working for your family immediately to help with the conversion of property into funds needed to move into an assisted living facility or nursing home. 


The next step is to get the paperwork finalized. We have been through the process many times before and can walk you through every step. A contract is signed, which allows us to provide you with initial, advance funds to help your family gain access immediately to an assisted living community for your loved one (prior approval of community required). 

Sale of Property

Conducting real estate sales has been our business since 1990. We manage all of the marketing and advertising in addition to the preparation for sale day. Once the sale is complete and all costs are paid, we will assist you with the final paperwork and release the net proceeds from the event to your family. Prior to the sale, you have been able to move your family member into their facility, allowing the physical and emotional transition to begin.  

Peace of Mind

By the end of the process, the senior will already be adjusting to their new living situation. Paying for assisted living facilities can be a challenge, however, with our team, process, and expertise, we can help you make this a stress-free reality.

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